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(Eban and Charlie)
(Folle d'elle)
- ! (Life After All, Carnets d'ados - La vie quand m?me )

(Juego de amor prohibido)
(Red Ribbon Blues)
("The Crying Game")
(To Play Or To Die)
(Una Pareja Perfecta)
(A Perfect Kiss)
, , (Perdona Bonita, pero Lucas me queria a mi)
(The Best of OUT)
, ("It Is Not The Homosexual Who Is Perverse But The Society In Which He Lives")
(nd Then Came Summer)
(The Art Of Touch - an intimate guide to male massage)
-2: (The Art of Touch 2 -- A Taoist Erotic Massage)
3: (The Art of Touch 3 - Sports Massage)
(The Art of Cruising Men)
, : 12 (Love reinvented: twelve stories of love and death)
(Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee)
(True Love)
(Leather Jacket Love Story)
(Food of Love)