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("Longtime companion")

24 (24 nights)
, (Girls Will Be Girls)
( )
Le Pharmacien de garde)
(Une Affaire de Gout, A Question of Taste)
(El Diputado)
(Kindergarten, Detsky Sad)
10- (1999 )
(Party Monster)
... (Josh and S.A.M.)
: , (Jackson: My Life, Your Fault)
(Wild Side)
("Les roseaux sauvages" - "The Wild Reeds")
("Les nuits fauves" - "Savage Nights")
(Moon Child)
(Little More Than A Year Ago: Diary Of A Male Porn Star)
(The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky)
(Days, Giorni)
(Skin Flick)
(The House of Morecock)
(At home at the end of the world)
( Dona Herlinda & her son)
(The Road To Love, Tarik El Hob)
(Dear Boys, Lieve Jongens)
, ! (Au revoir les enfants Goodbye Children, Aufweidersehen kinder)
(Otra Historia de Amor)
("Another country")
: .
, (Other Voices Other Rooms)
(Different for Girls)
(Friends and Family)
(Friends Forever)
(Piter's Friends)
(Bad Education)
(David searching)
(Danny in the Sky)